Migraine research over the last 30 years has made a significant contribution to elucidating the development of migraine attacks. This includes the discovery of a first migraine gene in 1993 and the discovery of a second one in 2003. These research results were also able to refute the old theory according to which the neurological deficits of the migraine aura (especially visual and sensory disturbances in the run-up to the attack) are caused by a narrowing of cerebral arteries and the headache is triggered by the dilation of the cerebral and cranial arteries. Today it is clear that migraine originates in the brain, more precisely in the brain stem, as a derailment of normal control circuits that control functions such as wakefulness, hunger and thirst. This does not cause any damage.

To ensure that we are always up to date with the latest knowledge in the future and can offer our patients even better treatment options, we conduct drug studies and migraine research in our internal research center. In addition, the Headache Centre Hirslanden Ltd regularly participates in national and international studies as an official study centre in cooperation with Neurologica GmbH.

For our studies (migraine, cluster headaches, etc.) we are looking for suitable study participants

In order to be able to participate in a study at the Hirslanden Headache Centre, a prior visit to one of our doctors is necessary. It will determine whether and in which study participation is possible. This is because inclusion and exclusion criteria are defined for each study, all of which must be met in order for a person to be allowed to participate in this study. These inclusion and exclusion criteria can be related to gender, age or previous treatments, etc., for example.

For further information and to register for participation in our studies, please contact our study physician, Ms. Claudia Gübelin – De Campo, by or telephone +41 (0) 43 499 13 30.
The detection and treatment of diseases has made great strides in recent years, thanks in particular to medical research. Headache Centre Hirslanden Ltd is committed to ensuring that new insights can be gained in the future that will help to better understand and treat diseases. In order to carry out this research, doctors need health data and biological samples from healthy and sick people.

However, according to Swiss law, we may only use patient data and samples with your written consent. At your first appointment at Headache Centre Ltd., you will therefore be asked whether you are willing to make your data available for research. You will receive an information sheet with the declaration of consent (general consent) for signature.

The information sheet is available for download:


The Swiss Migraine Research Association

The 2006 by Dr. med. Reto Agosti, Chief Physician at the Hirslanden Headache Centre, founded the Swiss Migraine Research Association, is particularly committed to improving the acceptance of migraine in society.

Events and medical lectures

As a neurological competence center, we attach great importance to the fact that we are always up to date with the latest knowledge and research. This is the only way we can offer our patients the best possible treatment.