Headaches are one of the most common illnesses ever. Due to tremendous progress in headache research over the last 20 years there are numerous treatment options available. On the one hand there’s the medicinal treatment, on the other hand, if required, there’s several complementary methods to apply. The treatment must always be tailored to the individual patient. Prior assessments of migraine and other headaches are therefore primarily drawn from a very detailed interview as well as a neurological examination.

Kopfwehzentrum Hirslanden AG aims to clarify and treat migraines and headaches thoroughly, individually and based on the latest knowledge to sustainably increase the quality of life of the affected individual.

Our team of neurologists is furthermore specialised for treatments of patients with neuroglial sickness with multiple sclerosis (MS), strokes and Parkinson. We offer a quick, broad and competent evaluation of your complaints based on your needs, concerns and worries. For patients with chronic neurological diseases we additionally offer professional long-term support.

Insurance cover:

The Treatment Costs are charged according to the usual health insurance rates and are covered by the basic health insurance. Since January 2012, the Klinik Hirslanden also treats patients who are General insured (with compulsory Health insurance).