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Education / Further Education / Training

The Kopfwehzentrum Hirslanden AG offers internships for students in consultation with Dr. med. Reto Agosti.

Further Education
The Kopfwehzentrum Hirslanden AG offers internships for junior doctors and also has the right to retrain neurology via Klinik Hirslanden Zürich in consultation with Prof. Adam Czaplinski.

The Kopfwehzentrum Hirslanden AG regularly offers an advanced training called “MUNCH”. MUNCH stands for Migraine-Lunch and is a joint colloquium of the medical faculty of the university Zurich and the Kopfwehzentrum Hirslanden AG. In a three-week cycle, guest speakers are invited to the topics of headaches and neurology. The colloquium will take place from 12:30 to 13:30 at the Kopfwehzentrum Hislanden AG at Forchstrasse 424 in Zollikon. The audience will be professionals who deal with the above topics and will be addressed. Interested parties can register until Wednesday evening before the event at 6 pm via phone 043 499 13 30 or email barblina.roth@kopfwww.chh an.

MUNCH Programm_2.Semester 2019

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