Neurologica is a medical centre for outpatient care and treatment of patients with neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis (MS), stroke, muscle and nerve diseases, epilepsy, sleeping disorders, dementia and movement restrictions, e.g. spasticity after stroke.

With a systematic and thorough examination of patients and their medical symptoms, we lay the foundation for individual and successful treatment. No patient is the same and we therefore always respond to individual needs, wishes and concerns.

For patients with chronic neurological diseases, we offer professional treatment and long-term care.

As a neurological centre of competence, we treat our patients according to the latest state of the art research and best clinical practice. In order to live up to the highest quality standards, we rely on the latest diagnostic examination methods such as ENMG, EEG, sleep screening / actigraphy and neurovascular ultrasound, which are carried out on site by one of our specialists. For MRI diagnostics, we can rely on an excellent network of radiology specialists in close proximity of the practice.

Neurologica has set its goals on a comprehensive treatment path for its patients, so they can get fast and competent medical advice in order to sustainably increase their quality of life. As such, we attach great importance to interdisciplinary cooperation wherever it may be beneficiary for our patients.

Insights into our practice

Our Team

Professionalism, appreciation and empathy are at the heart of our medical vocation and are embedded in the working mentality of our team. We listen attentively and take you and your medical condition seriously.