Range of treatment

Neurologica offers general neurological consultations as well as medical specialty consultations. Our experienced neurologists guarantee fast and comprehensive assessment and treatment of diseases such as multiple sclerosis (MS), stroke, muscle and nerve diseases, epilepsy, sleeping disorders and dementia.

Furthermore, the medical team at Neurologica specialises in the treatment of spastic movement disorders and paralysis after stroke. Thanks to the multi-professional treatment program “Stroke follow-up care compact”, which was designed by Neurologica in collaboration with the med. Rücken-Center, an improvement in functionality and mobility can be achieved in spastic paralysis after stroke.

Neurological consultations

Multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, muscle and nerve diseases, sleeping disorders

Stroke follow-up care

Restriction of movement, improvement of mobility, decision tree spasticity

Equipment based and technical diagnostics

ENMG, EEG, EP, neurovascular ultrasound, sleep screening

Medical specialty consultation