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Diagnosis and therapy
of all neurological diseases.


Neurologica is a medical centre for outpatient care and treatment of patients with neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis (MS), stroke, muscle and nerve diseases, epilepsy, sleeping disorders, dementia and movement restrictions, e.g. spasticity after stroke.


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Range of treatment

Multiple sclerosis (MS), stroke, muscle and nerve disorders, epilepsy, sleeping disorders and dementia

Equipment based and technical diagnostics

ENMG, EEG, EP, neurovascular ultrasound, sleep screening

Medical Lectures

Clinical trials, Migraine Lunches (MUNCH), Stroke follow-up care (Decision Tree Spasticity)

Inquiries and Appointments

Fast appointment allocation, specialised doctors (neurologists)

How to find us and Branches

Zollikon branch, City of Zurich branch, Basel branch