Hans Schnorf, M.D.

Neurologist, FMH

Migraines and headaches
Cerebrovascular diseases
General Neurology

Since 2021 Neurologist, Headache Centre Hirslanden Ltd., Switzerland
2020 Senior Physician, Neurology Cantonal Hospital Baselland, Bruderholz and Cantonal Hospital Liestal, Switzerland
2019 Senior Physician, Neurology Neurological Clinic, University Hospital Basel: Senior Physician at Delémont Hospital
2017 Senior Physician, Neurology Cantonal Hospital Baselland, Bruderholz, Switzerland
2011 – 2015 Senior Physician, Department of Neurology, University Hospital Basel, Switzerland
Since 2009 Consultant Neurologist/visiting Consultant, Seychelles Hospital, Mahé Seychelles. Head of Neurological Polyclinic, Epilepsy Clinic/Epilepsy Consultation, Clinical Consultation Service, Training for Local Doctors
2003 – 2009 Chef de Clinique, Hôpital Cantonal de Genève, Service de Neurology and Clinical Senior Physician at the Department and Polyclinic, Switzerland
2001 – 2002 Consultant Neurologist, Princess Margaret Hospital, Roseau, Dominica
2000 – 2001 Chef de Clinique, Hôpital Cantonal de Genève, Service de Neurology and Clinical Senior Physician at the Department and Polyclinic, Switzerland
1998 – 1999 Consultant, Internal Medicine, Rarotonga Central Hospital, Cook Islands.Head of Medical Clinic and Clinical Research Ciguatera fish poisoning
1995 – 1997 Chef de Clinique adjoint, assistant physician, Hôpital Cantonal de Genève Service de Neurologie and Polyclinic, Switzerlandz
1994 Assistant Physician, University Hospital Zurich, Department of Neurology and Clinical Work at the Clinic, Polyclinic, Switzerland
1992 – 1993 Medical Officer, Mont Fleuri Hospital, Victoria, Mahé, Seychelles and Assistant Physician in Internal Medicine
1991 – 1992 Assistant Physician, University Hospital Zurich, Department of Neurology and Clinical Activity at Polyclinic, Switzerland
1990 – 1991 Assistant physician, Regional Hospital Scuol, Clinic for Internal Medicine and Clinic for Surgery, Switzerland
1997 Board-certified neurologist
1989 Doctoral thesis: Right hemisphere contribution to gestural performance
1988 Federal Examination of Medicine, Zurich, Switzerland

Certificate for advanced studies (CAS) for Personalized Molecular Oncology
Certificate of cerebrovascular ultrasound
Certificate of Proficiency ENMG
Certificate Electroencephalopgraphy

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Swiss Medical Association FMH
Association of Swiss Assistant and Senior Physicians (VSAO)
Swiss Working Group on Cerebrovascular Diseases
Swiss Society of Neurophysiology