Reference Book «Migräne & Kopfschmerzen» – available now!

  • Unique reference book for migraine and headache treatments with award-winning medical illustrations
  • The book gives comprehensive and competent information about different types of headaches and their treatments
  • It leads through the multimodal therapy spectrum of school and complementary medicine
  • It serves as an orientation and interpretation aid in the jungle of the internet information
  • It is intended for GPs, professionals, therapists and sufferers
  • Price: CHF 85.-


Head protection for football: Full90 Headguard – available now

  • Reduces the risk of brain damage when playing football by at least 50%
  • Developed and recommended in America by football professionals
  • Lightweight, impact-absorbing plastic (ForceBloc FoamTM)
  • Easily customizable to any head shape and size with the aid of the Velcro system
  • Also suitable for long hairt
  • Price: CHF 98.-


Gentle help with headaches: Salvacold acupressure ice band – available now

  • Helpful for migraines and headaches
  • Helps quickly in a natural way
  • Immediate use
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Price: CHF 49.-


Headache Diary – available now

  • Detailed information and clear visual representations make the investigation more efficient and support communication between patients and treatment providers
  • Important occurrences are not forgotten
  • The quality of information improves (additional information such as side effects, etc.)
  • The Headache Diary helps you to deal with your own pain
  • Immediate user
  • Easy to use
  • Price: gree

Headache Diary (annual calender)

Headache Diary (quarterly calender)

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