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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), migraine is the second most disabling disease in people under the age of 50. In Switzerland alone, 1.2 women, men and children suffer from migraines. Despite this, migraines are still often trivialized and not taken seriously. As a result, only 20-30% of all migraine sufferers in Switzerland receive an appropriate diagnosis and the help they deserve.

The Swiss Migraine Research Association was founded in 2006 with the aim of sustainably improving the situation for sufferers in society. Migraine should finally be accepted as a serious neurological disease and no longer be labeled as a psychological condition.

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The Swiss Migraine Research Association is a charitable organization for migraine sufferers and all people directly or indirectly affected by headaches.

It is led by the long-standing headache specialist, Dr. Reto Agosti, FMH Neurology. Dr. Agosti is also head of the renowned Hirslanden Headache Center in Zollikon.

The Swiss Migraine Research Association has set itself the goal of

    • to sustainably improve the situation of those affected (end stigmatization)
    • to raise awareness of migraine in society
    • to educate society about migraine
    • to remove the taboo surrounding migraine
    • to establish migraine as a serious neurological disease
    • to give those affected help in dealing with their suffering

To achieve its goals, the Swiss Migraine Research Association is heavily involved in public relations work and participates in studies that are independent of pharmaceutical companies or develops them itself.

Public relations work:

Organization of the Headache and Migraine Day &lt (every September 12)
Lectures on headaches at congresses, conferences and universities
Podcast about migraines and headaches on Radio 1 Radio1
Publication of headache-specific topics in newspapers and magazines
T V appearances on headache topics
Social Media posts ( Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn)n)

Studies: Participation in pharma-independent studies is key to expanding knowledge about diagnosis and treatment options and thereby improving the lives of people worldwide. For this reason, a portion of the membership fees is invested in pharma-independent research whenever possible.

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